Liver Detox at the Swiss Mountain Clinic

(Let's meet this summer?)

What you will learn at this webinar: 

  • Why liver detox - what it is and why it's critical to hormonal balance (and everything else)
  • What is European "biological medicine"? 
  • The treatments available at SMC and which conditions they treat
  • My experience with SMC and the healing results (including lab test results)
  • What you can expect (and not expect) at SMC
  • The non-treatment benefits of SMC (hello, scenic Swiss Alps backdrop)
  • How and when you can attend SMC 2020

Presented by


Magdalena Wszelaki

Magdalena is the founder of Hormones and Balance, helping women rebalance hormones naturally. She's a published, top-selling author, speaker, certified health coach and herbalist, and hormone expert.